​The internet is not like the field of dreams

​The internet is not like the field of dreams

Time and time again I find myself silently thanking Mr. Costner and the movie Field of Dreams. The whole “build it and they will come” is the misguided idea lots of folks cling to when marketing on the internet. But online, if you build it, nobody cares.

Whether you’re building a website, writing a blog, or launching an ecommerce store, creating your online presence is only the first in a long, long process. Sure, you’ll have the occasional overnight superstar (that probably toiled for months or years in actuality) but typically the journey from launching to building an audience or attracting customers is a long and difficult one.

Social Media and Content Marketing are not magical

Currently, every day there are 2 million blog posts, 500 million tweets, 900 million Facebook interactions, and 135 million tumblr posts. And that’s only a fraction of the content being generated daily. So I’m sorry to be blunt, but your weekly blog post, or daily Tweet, or Facebook Share is highly unlikely to bring you instant rewards. Plus you’ll need to contend with social networks limiting your reach in order to force you to pay to connect with more of your own followers. Not to mention, first you have to get followers, likes, and visitors.

Don’t be discouraged - simply accept reality

All is not lost. But the first step in solving your problem is identifying you have a problem - and that’s denial. It’s going to take time, money, and effort to produce results. The more of each you’re able to commit the faster your results.

Go forth, build your website, hang out your ecommerce shingle, write your blog, and start sharing content via social media. Just don’t expect overnight success and internet stardom - unless you’ve got deep, deep pockets. Success may not happen overnight but you can still be successful. Seek out opportunities and use traditional marketing tools to amplify your message when you can. And quite possibly, if you work hard and keep at it - perhaps they will come.


Oct 28, 2014

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