The new Barbie Doll that’s stirring up controversy

Tokidoki Barbie Doll

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, Barbie was a huge part of my childhood. Between my sister and I, we had all them allÖBirthday Barbie, Magic Dance Barbie, Jeans Barbie, Sun Gold Malibu Barbie, and hundreds more. Not to mention we had every accessory, Barbie’s dream house, Corvettes, campers, jet skis, and about one million outfits to change them into. Our Barbies were really livin’ the dream.

Sure, Barbie sometimes had scandalous outfits but I can’t recall anything that caused a controversy amongst the parents. It was during my post-Barbie phase when the media decided Barbie was “unrealistically” skinny. So I’m not too familiar with the “thicker” Barbie.

But now, there is a current controversial Barbie issue in town. And that has to do with the new tokidoki Barbie® Doll.

This Barbie sports tight leopard leggings, high, sparkling stilettos, an off-the-shoulder shirt, a tight leather pink skirt, a short, sexy pink bob, and owns a [cactus-like?] dog named Bastardino. Oh and one more thing - she’s all tatted up. Her sleeve tattoos run all the way up her arm and across her chest.

Some say it’s trashy, while others think she’s a fasionista of modern times. Sure, I think she’s cool, but I can see where the concern may come from. It could cause children to pester their parents into letting them have a tattoo at a much younger age.

My solution for those parents? Don’t buy this Barbie for your children. Only for yourself. : )

Oct 10, 2011

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