The Newest Old Thing on the Web: Kinetic Typography

The Newest Old Thing on the Web: Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography has been around for a long time.  You see it mostly in opening or closing movie credits, however, lately there seems to be a trend in using this type of visual in commercials, PSAs, and even music videos.  The trend also seems to be popular among the amateur videos on YouTube where it’s used on all manner of subjects, from famous movie clips to speeches and poetry. Below you’ll find some examples of this technique I found online - while watching, ask yourself if you’ve seen some of them lately?

 1. Movie Credits

2. TV Commercials

3. PSAs


4. Music Videos

5. Poems


6.To Movie Clips

There are absolutely too many to choose from in this category… honestly i think you can think up just about any movie you like and then do a search for it with the words “Kinetic Typography” behind it and find something.  Here are a few of mine though….

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Mar 21, 2011

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