The one reason you should NOT write a blog…

The one reason you should NOT write a blog…

A quick search will reveal a thousand plus articles why you should write a blog. But here's the one and only reason not to... if you can’t commit to writing regularly, don’t start. The internet is littered with a graveyard of abandoned blogs. Don’t be one of the blogging undead.

Blogging for personal growth or for content marketing for your business is always a good thing. Aside from the obvious content generation benefits, it forces you to examine your industry, career, business, and purpose. You know, it makes you think.

But time and time again when success isn’t instantaneous, friends, colleagues, and clients lose focus and faith. Until eventually they abandon their blog, or post so infrequently it’s almost useless. The statistics for the content being posted online hourly is staggering – so expecting overnight success isn’t realistic. It’s why we try to set reasonable expectations.

It takes about 400 blog posts to reach success

I don’t recall where I read the figure – but apparently the magic number of blog posts is approximately 400. No, that doesn’t mean once you’ve reached 400 posts you’ll become an internet blogging star. But that seems to be the general tipping point when your content will start to gain traction in search engines for key phrases and within your industry.

And while it’s not a magic number, it’s a good statistic to measure your efforts and results against. Essentially, if you write four posts per week, it’ll take you about two years to reach that number. Write more frequently and you’ll achieve the goal sooner; likewise, write less and it’ll take longer. It’s easy to see how it takes effort and commitment to attain even the possibility of success. We didn’t even examine the “quality” of your blog posts yet. Are they interesting? Are they helpful? You can’t pump out crap and expect results - especially not today.

If you can’t commit don’t start at all

If you’re unable to write regularly - at least once per week - then don’t start. You need to write frequently and regularly - the more the better. Plus you need to create interesting, informative, or even funny content that’s relevant to your audience - and that’s not always easy. It takes time to think, write, edit, post, and then share and promote your content too. So if you’re the type whose enthusiasm fades over time or when gratification doesn’t come quickly, then please.... don’t start.

There’s nothing worse than discovering a company’s graveyard blog. At least for me when I discover they haven’t posted in a year or two or more, I begin to wonder about their viability as a company. If they can’t commit to writing a blog, can I really trust them to do other things reliably? So if you’re going to blog, do it right or don’t do it at all.

Dec 23, 2014

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Glad you enjoyed the post. Good to hear from you as well. Hope you're doing well. Good luck with blogging.

William Levins
Mar 23, 2015

I stumbled on your site while looking for info on blogging. Thank you for the insight. What you wrote was very insightful.
By the way I knew you when you went to Rutgers with Stacy P.
You and your wife's business site looks great.
Best wishes for success from a fellow artist.
Take care
Patrick Reilly

Patrick Reilly
Mar 23, 2015

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