Trademark your product names darn it!

Trademark your product names darn it!

If you’re investing in building a company and you’re developing a product make sure one of your first steps is to trademark your product name. Do this before you start on branding, packaging, or any marketing.

Far too frequently, after beginning to work with a new client we discover they don’t hold a trademark on their product names. So before we proceed too far down the design path we strongly advise and recommend they apply for trademarks. It can be a very costly problem to discover your product name is already taken - especially when it arrives as a cease and desist letter - after you’ve paid to manufacture thousands of units.

You’ll be investing a lot in design, branding, packaging, and marketing.

Filing for a trademark directly with the US Patent and Trademark Office costs roughly $400 (at the time of this writing). You can file for everything easily and quickly online. You don’t need an attorney, though you can use one. But if you receive a cease & desist letter you’ll definitely need to consult with your attorney and it’ll most assuredly cost you more than four hundred dollars.

So take the time and pay the nominal expense as early in the process as possible. It could avert an expensive crisis and lots of expensive, wasted inventory.

Mar 07, 2014

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