Type:Rider,  A Game for Typography Lovers and More

Type:Rider,  A Game for Typography Lovers and More

I am so excited to share with you an app I stumbled on that I swear the app gods tailored specifically for me. I am a gamer, a designer, a lover of typography, print and history. This game created by Cosmografik hits all these notes beautifully. So much so that I simply had to share it with you here.

Its a simple mobile game that takes you through the history of type from cave drawings to computers and everything in between. Each level is based on a particular font, its origins, the movements they inspired and the way and what they were used for. The design on this is breath taking. As far as gameplay goes, its not overly complicated. some would say simple. A true gamer might like to have more challenge and length to the levels, however with this game, you are bound to spend just as much time reading the history lessons you unlock as you move through the levels, as you will playing them. It is an app after all so its easy gameplay that moves you through is the perfect distraction for some quick downtime.

It has a small $3.00-$4.00 cost on it, depending on if you are buying for mac or android. It’s a great deal for the eye/ear/brain candy you are about to receive.

Oct 31, 2013

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