Video marketing should be part of your marketing mix

Video marketing should be part of your marketing mix

It wasn’t that long ago that video capture and editing was the purview of a select group. The camera equipment was expensive and bulky while editing took special software (and sometimes equipment) and lots and lots of training. And of course you also had to bring talent to the video party too.

But things have changed dramatically for video

First, we all carry fairly capable and high definition video cameras with us every where we go - our smart phones. No more bulky camera gear, simply whip out a phone and you’re shooting HD video. Sure, you can’t truly zoom, unless you walk closer or extend your arm, but the ability to capture high quality video with little or no investment besides your phone makes up for all other short comings. And for the video perfectionists, prosumer HD cameras are super small and competitively priced today. In fact, even professional equipment is dropping in price.

Editing has also gone mainstream. You can often edit directly on your phone or in your camera - though it’s not the most robust editing environment. Or you can use free or affordable editing tools on your computer or you can even use online video editing solutions. Common to all these options is a concerted effort by their programmers to make them simple and easy for most to use. It’s often click, crop (cut), and drop to assemble a video. Then you can add effects and titles and you’ve got a finished product. You simply no longer need an editing suite full of expensive equipment.

Video can help market your small business

Lots of us do it every day. We capture quick video snippets and post them to YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, or maybe Twitter (via Vine). But it’s usually done to share special or funny moments in our lives. But video is a powerful marketing tool that’s being overlooked by most small businesses. You can use the same “journalistic” approach to capture video testimonials, scenes in your establishment, or film and assemble a quick “online” commercial that you can share via social media.

No, the end result won’t generally offer hollywood results - but if genuine, charming, and helpful in some way, video can be very powerful for marketing your local business. You simply have to do it - and work within your abilities. Don’t try to create a Michael Bay epic with explosions and effects galore - just capture things that happen or that you do and share them - if they’re interesting.

Step up to professional when you need

Of course I’m not suggesting you forgo hiring a professional videographer when necessary. If you’re creating a broadcast commercial or something that you’re looking to look professional - then by all means, hire the video gurus. They will offer better equipment, multiple cameras, lighting, audio, and lots of experience and talent. But not every video needs to be a masterpiece. So hire the professionals when necessary - but use what’s in your pocket to start capturing and sharing video now. The results can be surprising.

Mar 25, 2013

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