Want to generate leads while you’re sleeping?

Want to generate leads while you’re sleeping?

What small business owner wouldn’t love to generate leads and to possibly make sales while they’re sleeping. Well, good news! Today’s web-based technology allows this to happen.

Various web technologies can finally work together

Websites and email marketing and adwords and blogging were all parts that needed to be assembled. Marketing automation has brought these (and more) parts together to form a high-performance marketing machine. All the parts can now work together to generate, qualify, and automate lead generation and nurturing.

Online ads and emails can be tagged to track visitors to your site so that follow-up activities are automatically queued up depending on “how” they interact with your site. Similarly, your blog and all the content on your site can be made more interactive - automatically changing to match visits from known leads - to usher them along the conversion path.

An ad click delivers a prospect to your landing page, where hopefully they’ll be convinced to either purchase or to join your email list. Or perhaps a recent blog post shared to Facebook enticed a visit - again encouraging your prospect to either comment or subscribe. In either scenario, once the prospect has visited and provided at minimum their email address - marketing automation can kick in.

Marketing automation solutions can track visitors as they traverse your site - and once they’re connected to an email - the pages they visited can be used to trigger automated email campaigns. These drip campaigns can provide increasingly persuasive and alluring information or offers based on the pages visited.

If the prospect visited your pricing page multiple times, it’s likely they’re interested - but unconvinced as to the value of your product or service. Hence the drip campaign may revolve around demonstrating your value and cost-effectiveness.

You’re interacting with leads even while you’re asleep

Once you discover the power of marketing automation, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. It binds all the disparate web tools into a cohesive marketing tool. But more importantly, it can provide ROI on your marketing activities too. A conversion from your drip campaign can be traced back to it’s original source to provide a definitive lead acquisition and campaign cost. And once a lead purchases, it can provide you the actual ROI on that lead. Oh, and then it can continue to build and nurture the relationship with your new customer too.

Oct 20, 2014

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