What flavor is your business?

What flavor is your business?

Are you a plain vanilla type business? Or are you chocolate? Or something more muddled like Neapolitan? It might seem strange to conceive of your business having a flavor… but it can help you visualize or mentally taste how you stack up against the competition.

Market leaders are typically standard common flavors - they’re plain vanilla. The majority of their customers like that flavor and it’s safe to serve it up again and again. Sure, they may add sprinkles or caramel topping every so often - to appear like they're offering variety. But when it comes down to it… they’re still serving plain vanilla.

Close competitors of the market leaders are often flavored chocolate or strawberry. They’re the second or third most popular choices… but they’re still safe and comfortable. Or maybe they’re a wild card option that offers Neapolitan - you know, trying to offer all the flavors - but never giving you enough of any one of them to satisfy.

Choose a flavor that’s unique - be the Birthday Cake or Cherry Garcia in your market

Trying to offer the same flavor as the market leaders isn’t going to get you very far. You won’t stand out. You won’t be noticed. And far too often, you’ll simply be judged an inferior duplicate. So instead be different by design. Go the route of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when they entered the already saturated ice cream market. They offered unique, bold flavor combinations created in their initial store fronts.

So take the extra time and identify how you can be different. Decide how your business can be unique. Create your own business flavor, and you’ll stand out against your vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry-flavored competitors.

Dec 21, 2015

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