What’s your unique selling proposition?

What’s your unique selling proposition?

Unique selling proposition (USP) – that’s fancy marketing jargon for “why should I buy from you?” But it’s an important question that you should be able to answer for your company and generally for each of your products too. If you can’t answer that question in one or two sentences... you’ve got problems. Moreover, if your prospects or customers can’t figure it out in a few seconds... you’re going to go out of business.

Really? You’re saying without a USP I’ll fail?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. A USP is critical to your long-term success. If you and your customers and prospects can’t identify and convey what it is, then you don’t have one. And when you can’t differentiate yourself from your competition, you’re just spinning your wheels. Sure, you might have sales and customers now, but you’re merely one savvy marketer away from extinction. You won’t be able to survive competition that can smartly position themselves via a USP - because your prospects and customers won’t have a strong understanding of why they currently or should continue to buy from you. It might take a while, but your decline is inevitable.

I think I have a USP already.

If you want to test if you have a USP, you can try two things. One: ask a customer to describe how they would recommend you to a colleague in a Tweet. Yup, limit them to 140 characters. Or two: show somebody (that doesn’t know you) your home page and ask them to describe what you do in one sentence. If they can’t do one or both you don’t have a USP. Or if you do, you’re not conveying it well.

If you do have a USP but folks don’t know what it is

Rework your marketing materials and website and make your USP front and center. You want anyone that looks at your materials to immediately recognize what you do and why it’s different. Focus on the one thing you want to be remembered for and pound it home repeatedly.

If you have both a company and individual product USP, make sure the company is represented on the packaging, but keep the product USP front and center. After all, you want to sell the USP of the product compared to its competitors. The branding and USP of the company comes second in this case.

What to do if you don’t have a USP

You need to formulate one. It won’t be easy, but the potential rewards are worth the effort. First, distill your company and/or products down to their core essence. What do they do better and why? Then translate this into a benefit to your potential customers. Ask people that don’t know exactly what you do to examine your “new” USP statements and see if they then understand what you do. Show them competitors and ask if they’d pick you over them. You might want to do this secretly, so they don’t feel awkward. Keep changing and testing your USP until you’ve got a strong differentiation. Then start plastering your USP everywhere.

If you’re having trouble... call us.

Sometimes it’ll be difficult or nearly impossible create your own USP. You’re just too close to the subject materials and you can’t be objective. In this case you’ll probably need to hire an outside firm to help craft your USP and devise messaging that helps promote and enforce it. Of course, we’d recommend us. After all, we help business tell its story... helping them to prosper. And by improving how our clients connect and communicate with "consumers" we drive more sales for them.

Aug 15, 2013

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