Your business isn’t special, it doesn’t offer top quality, and its customer service is unremarkable

Your business isn’t special, it doesn’t offer top quality, and its customer service is unremarkable

Look at your marketing right now. Does your website or ad or brochure use wretched phrases like top quality, unique, or best-in-class? Do you spew about your stellar customer service or your customer driven focus? Or is it littered with inane marketing gibberish like innovative cutting-edge market leading processes?

If it is, your customers read it and probably throw up in their mouths a little. Or worse, they probably just ignore all your self aggrandizing proclamations. Consumers today are more skeptical with much better BS detectors. So if you’re wasting time telling folks how great “your stuff” is, you’re a fool.

It takes more than words

Consumers today are smarter and more discerning than you think. They can see through your lazy platitudes. And what’s more, they can quickly check online or with their friends and followers to see if your marketing drivel holds any truth. It’s not enough to say you’re the best - you have to actually be the best (or one of them).

Spend your dollars and words on actual, tangible truths. Avoid fluff. Avoid B.S. Instead tell a story about how your product survived a scenario that would have destroyed a lesser item. Or talk about how your service changed the life of someone who used it. But be relatable and be genuine or you’ll trigger consumers crap detectors.

Do it right, and you don’t have to say it yourself

When you’re doing the right things, people will talk about it. They’ll share how nice a time they had. Or how well they were treated. Or how well a product works. And when they’re asked about their experience they’ll give glowing reviews. And a glowing personal recommendation (from a trusted source) is worth 1000 marketing cliches. And if you’re lucky, they’ll write you a positive review or a testimonial.

But if you simply can’t fight the urge to proclaim you offer the highest quality - make sure you have solid, third party evidence to back it up. And no, I don’t mean a Hollywood A-lister selling your stuff (nobody believes they actually use the crap they hawk). I mean a respected industry professional endorsing your stuff, or a scientific study, or an overwhelming amount of empirical evidence and testimonials - that are believable.

So stop the crap.

Write and market truthfully. “Talk” to people as if you’re speaking to your mother - and do what you say you will or can do. And you’ll discover when you meet or exceed expectations you don’t need the silly, trite, marketing speak. And your customers won’t have to vurp when they read your stuff.

Apr 27, 2013

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