Apr 01, 2014

Nuvonium designs materials for Neographics 2014

For the sixth year in a row, the team from Nuvonium has designed and implemented all of the materials for Neographics - the Tri-state area’s largest printing competition.

From the save-the-date announcement to the invitation and inserts, entry form, and display banners, Nuvonium serves on – and works with – the Neographics event committee to design materials that highlight the annual theme and showcase the skills of the printers who volunteer to print the materials.

The annual Neographics event exhibits and rewards graphic arts, packaging, converting, design and publishing excellence, and the promotional materials for the event must meet or exceed those same standards of excellence. We’re proud to have our work used to promote an event which places such an emphasis on quality. It’s a fun way for us to “show off” our talents and our creativity – without some of the constraints faced when working within a client-agency relationship.

We’re also grateful for the opportunity to attend the event each year, where we’re able to make valuable contacts in the graphic arts industry, and review the winning entries – which often serve as inspiration for future projects. New printing techniques and technologies are constantly making their way into the way we design print materials for our clients, and Neographics is an excellent opportunity to see and discuss these techniques first-hand.

Neographics 2014 is a great event for anyone in the graphic arts industry – it’s fun, informative, and a great networking opportunity. This year’s event is in Philadelphia on May 8. Don’t miss it.


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