Mar 30, 2015

Nuvonium Launches Updated and Mobile-Friendly Website for Repco

In the 6+ years since our team last redesigned Repco’s website a lot had changed on the web. Minor revisions and expansions over this time had provided incremental improvements, but when Repco tasked us with some simple modifications and menu updates, Nuvonium saw the opportunity and envisioned a slightly more robust enhancement.

A review of Repco’s analytics revealed a slow growing use of their site via mobile devices – a pattern that’s likely to increase rapidly. Moreover, an examination of usage data demonstrated even visitors browsing via desktops could benefit from user experience improvements.

Armed with data, statistics, and a prototype site design, Nuvonium was able to convince Repco that the time was right for a complete site overhaul. The only caveat; Repco’s investment in and years spent optimizing their site, building backlinks, and crafting SEO-friendly URLs and content had to remain unaffected. We concurred and dove into the project.

As an industry leader in replacement electrical contacts, carbon brushes, coils, and contactor parts, Repco engineers, manufacturers, and sells their replacement parts worldwide. Located in Southern New Jersey, Repco stocks tens of thousands of replacement parts that are cross-referenced to OEM parts, and sold either as components or as assembled products.

Of course, we began with an updated site design – a little cleaner, polished, and more modern. But the true goal of the site redesign was to improve usability for Repco’s increasingly-growing customer base.

First, Nuvonium built an import feature, allowing for quick and seamless data exchange between Repco’s warehouse and their online operations. This will make it easier for Repco to add inventory to the website, and will give their customers more options more quickly.

Additionally, we incorporated a better search function to allow customers to find more of what they’re looking for, with fewer clicks. Repco’s enormous inventory cross-references with hundreds of OEM parts – providing a better, simpler user experience.

We also added a new components section (contact parts), allowing Repco to offer limited quantity items to their online customers, as well as expanded cart and quick-contact options.

The Mobile-first design of the new launched just weeks before Google’s “Mobilegeddon,” assuring Repco didn’t lose its hard-earned search listings.

Repco’s new site gives the user a more streamlined experience. From requesting information to searching for a specific electrical contact or contactor part, the new is making it easier than ever for Repco to service their customers.


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